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Voice over rates

Unsure about how much your voice over
will cost? Get an estimate based on your
project requirements.

Rate calculator

Specify your requirements and get an estimated project cost.
Note that usage fees are not included.

Voice123 is an open marketplace. Fee negotiation is therefore solely between client and voice actor.
These rates are based on actual figures quoted by voice actors on the platform. Referencing Voice123's
direct booking functionality, you can set your own budget and then see who’s available at that rate.

1. Your voice actor requirements

2. Your Script


Paste the full script of the recording

0 words

3. Get your estimate

Note that none of these projects include usage costs. Such costs will be additional. The estimates are provided in USD.

Average Project Cost



Reference budget

These estimates are for non-union, non-broadcast projects and show rates per minute
as well as rates per word count. Studio time and overall recording session duration
are not taken into account.

Finally, please note that the total fee calculation may also vary based on market size,
as specified here, pre- and post-production, buyouts, and residuals.

By duration

Finished Minutes

based on 150 words
per minute

Word count

Reference budget

0 - 1 minute

150 or less

$50 - $200

2 - 5 minutes

150 - 750

$200 - $350

5 - 15 minutes

750 - 2250

$350 - $500

15 - 30 minutes

2250 - 4500

$500 - $750

30 - 45 minutes

4500 - 6750

$750 - $1000

45 - 60 minutes

6750 - 9000

$1000 - $1250

If you’d like to know more about voice over rates, please check out this help center article.

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